Family Office Administration Software

The only CRM built specifically for family offices

Gain visibility and control over complex family structures and related assets

WealthHub’s family office administration software puts all your critical information in one place and provides customizable workflows and approval processes. Trust documents. Investment account and cash balances. Family member information. Family relationships. Bank accounts and transactions. Key trust provisions. All at your fingertips for efficient management.

  • Family Focused
    With WealthHub, you can stop wasting time tracking down information and get back to the primary goal of working closely with your family members to address their fiduciary needs.
  • Automated
    WealthHub automates the daily functions of family office relationship managers and support staff and provides visibility, reporting, controls, and compliance assurance for family office management.
  • Efficient
    It delivers significant gains in productivity while improving the family members’ experience and giving office management peace of mind that fiduciary obligations are being fulfilled.
See a WealthHub Demo
See a WealthHub Demo

WealthHub’s security architecture ensures you will always have access to your data on our platform—and no one else will.

WealthHub is unique.  There is no other platform like it for organizing and administering trusts or family offices.

See What We Mean

Family Office Administration

  • Automates the administration of trusts and family offices
  • Built on top of Salesforce, delivering best of breed CRM functionality
  • Creates a “single source of truth” of all investor information
  • A single interface to access all your family member relationship information

Get professional templates and controls
for managing private trust companies.


Delivers visibility and control for single- and multi-family offices.