There has to be a better way to manage trusts.

And now there is.

Bringing Automation to Trust Administration

Designed by trust officers for trust officers, WealthHub combines state-of-the-art CRM with trust-specific business process management to deliver a unique platform for trust and family office administration. A cloud-based platform that is fully secure and scalable.

WealthHub creates an operating environment for trust administration that puts all your critical information in one place and provides customizable workflows and approval processes. Trust documents. Investment account and cash balances. Client information. Family relationships. Bank accounts and transactions. Key trust provisions. All at your fingertips for efficient management.

Organize and Optimize Your Trust Processes

WealthHub is an end-to-end solution for effective trust administration.  Built on top of Salesforce, WealthHub trust management software organizes fiduciary activity with a single interface providing:

  • Integrated cloud-based document management
  • Access to investment and bank account information
  • Tracking of payments, tax filing, and other key tasks
  • Management of multiple asset types
See a WealthHub Demo
See a WealthHub Demo

WealthHub’s security architecture ensures you will always have access to your data on our platform—and no one else will.

WealthHub is unique.  There is no other platform like it for organizing and administering trusts or family offices.

See What We Mean

WealthHub Trust Management Software

  • Automates the administration of trusts and family offices
  • Built on top of Salesforce, delivering best of breed CRM marketing capabilities
  • Creates a “single source of truth” for all customer information
  • A single interface to access all your client relationship information

We’d be happy to show you how you can quickly grow revenues per trust officer using WealthHub.