WealthHub Solutions, a leading CRM provider servicing the North American family office and family wealth management industry, was included in The Wealth Mosaic’s first US Wealth Technology Landscape Report.

Part of the Wealth Technology Landscape Report Series, this first US report features a showcase of key solution providers to the wealth management sector in the United States. The report also features 11 informative thought leadership pieces and 18 featured solution provider profiles from technology providers to the US wealth management marketplace.

The report’s aim is to create a definitive guide for any wealth management firm in the US as they seek to understand, navigate, and select from their technology solution provider marketplace. The report is based on The Wealth Mosaic’s fast-growing website and will be updated and released annually.

WealthHub’s CEO, Jim Marks, provided a thought leadership overview centering on CRMs and their potential role as the ideal servicing platform for family offices, trust companies, and high-end RIAs. As a provider of a purpose built CRM designed to streamline trust administration,

“CRM systems, with their focus on sales, are not traditionally part of the family office technology stack,” said Jim Marks, “But the right CRM can drive real benefits in efficiency, family member experience, and reporting by helping to organize, automate, and communicate.”

WealthHub is well-positioned to serve this role and is helping a rapidly-growing list of organizations leverage the benefits of a best-of-breed CRM (Salesforce.com) infused with a comprehensive array of features/functionality supporting the day-to-day needs of trust administrators.

To access the report, please visit this link or contact WealthHub Solution at this link.


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