WealthHub Solutions is proud to announce winning Best CRM in the WealthTech Americas Awards for 2023, a year marked by growing acceptance of WealthHub as the technology solution of choice for the administration of ultra-high net worth client relationships and their assets.

WealthHub’s CRM delivers digital organization and automated workflows tailored for the specific needs of UHNW advisors. Built on top of Salesforce, WealthHub provides out-of-the-box workflows and processes that are specific to UHNW administration that can also be easily configured to the unique needs of each client.

Family offices and trust companies recognize the benefits of a CRM with functionality that addresses their unique business processes and information needs, helping WealthHub to nearly double in size.

When asked how WealthHub has achieved this award-winning level of performance, CEO Jim Marks explained “Our subscribers would say that it is because we deliver exceptional customer service. We don’t just deliver the software and leave it to our customers to figure out how to implement or enhance it. We stay on as system administrators, eliminating the need for expensive consultants or admins. Our Customer Success Team takes great pride in making sure that every customer is a referenceable customer. They work co-operatively with subscribers to continuously configure and optimize our solution for each customer’s specific needs and processes, honing existing processes and working to create new processes, if needed. We see the benefits from this attention to customer satisfaction, as many of our new family office clients come through referrals from existing customers.”

For more information about WealthHub Solutions, please visit wealthhubsolutions.com.